Noise Control

Generating beautiful transparent office environments should not sacrifice exceptional acoustical qualities or tranquility within an open space. There are different glass products and configurations that offer noise dampening glazing solutions. Cristacurva understands the fundamentals relating to glass and sound making it possible for architects and designers to have a great source for sound control glass products.

Enjoy the View,
Leave the Noise Out

Insulated Glass Units

Insulated Glass Units (IG units) improve window thermal performance in building envelopes by reducing temperature transfer through the glass. Combined with Low E or reflective coatings, IG units comply with local building codes, and perform better in energy conservation and climate control. Cristacurva offers a variety of Low E and reflective glass products available in the market, with the largest possibilities of glass make-ups, shapes, and sizes.

Curved IGUs

Curved Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) are perfect in creating rounded corners and other curved architectural features with the required solar, thermal control, and uniform glass aesthetics. Curved IGU’s conserve a pleasant ambient room-temperature regardless of outside weather conditions. Cristacurva offers curved IGUs with a large variety of Low-E products from the main glass manufacturers of the world, such as Guardian, Vitro/PPG, Pilkington, Saint Gobain, and AGC.

Controluz® IGBUs

Controluz® Integrated Blind Units (IGBUs) skillfully combine proven European micro-blind technologies and aesthetics with the insulating benefits of regular Insulated Glass Units (IGUs). Controluz® is an excellent product for those settings where it is necessary to have the flexibility of easily obstructing or allowing vision through the glass, and cleanliness and hygiene are critical.




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