Fully Fabricated Glass & Metal


Glass Entrance Doors

Our glass doors are uniquely designed as structurally sound and beautiful to behold. We fabricate all doors locally in our Houston location providing our customers with options such as: the Herculite Door System, Patch Fitted Doors, Bolt on Rails, and Bottom Rail with Top Patch Fittings. We also provide Sidelites to accommodate larger openings and can incorporate Transoms as well as Spider Wall applications. Sidelites can be custom fabricated in matching Rail or Channel systems for ½”, 5/8” and ¾” glass options. Our Royal Door Team has 50 years of combined experience in the Glass Door Industry. You can depend on our experience to help in the decision making process.


  • Fabricated to customer’s specifications.
  • On-site Technical support

Glass Options

  • Low Iron, Frit Patterns, Lami, Acid Etch, Clear, and Digital Print

Hardware Suppliers

  • Rockwood, Dorma, Bella, CRL, Rixon, Blumcraft

Hardware Product

  • Custom and Standard Finshes
  • Panic Devices
  • Push/Pulls – Ladder and Locking Ladder
  • OHCC, Floor Closers, Patches, European Closers


Brake Shapes

Our Brake Shapes Division provides fabricated metal on computerized Brake Presses. This state-of-the-art system allows us to custom fabricate metal with hems, degreed angles, double F Brakes, and specialty fabricated designs.

We currently operate a 12’ Shear and two 12’ Brake Presses. You provide the measurements, we’ll provide you with the highest quality product with competitive prices and the quickest turn-around time in the market.


We can fabricate a myriad of products such as: Coping, angle, box panel, valley, u channel, sill flashing, z closure, peak cap, gutter, drip, drip edge, hems.

Available Finishes and Sizes

Aluminum: Clear anodized, dark bronze anodized, black anodized, painted bronze, painted black, painted white, and mill finish.

Other metals: Polished stainless steel US32, brushed stainless steel US32D, and polished brass.

Stock Sheets Sizes for delivery

48” x 96”

48” x 120”

48” x 144”

Also available:

1/4" Mapes Glazing Panels

Panels designed to replace standard glass for all glazing infill.

• Abuse resistant/unbreakable

• Fascia, soffit, wall facing applications

Mapes panels consist of Baked Enamel-Stucco

Aluminum overlay on both sides, laminated to a High Density Tempered Hard Board. Available in 48"x12O" sheets.

Dark bronze, Silver and White,

Smooth or Embossed

Custom computerized sheet metal fabrication.

Shower & Bath Enclosures

Our Shower and Bath enclosures are uniquely designed for a custom fit. Our Shower Door Team has 25 years of combined experience with design and installation.

We offer professional assistance with design and fabrication of glass and hardware. Each shower is custom drawn for verification of measurements to aide in the installation process.


Frameless Shower Enclosures

Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed and Frameless Shower Sliders

Framed and Frameless Tub Sliders

Steam Units

Barn Door Systems

Glass available options:

- Low Iron, Frit Patterns, Rain, Frosted, Pattern 62, Clear and Coated


Custom fabricated to customer’s specifications.

Technical support.

Transparency and accuracy in sophisticated design

Frameless Sliding Walls

Our quality Frameless Sliding walls are designed to create comfortable living space while increasing the value of the property. Our Frameless sliding walls are adaptable and can be installed in a variety of locations from conservatories, balconies, terraces, restaurants, offices and commercial premises. It creates new usable space that is protected from the elements when closed.

• Does not detract from the aesthetics of the building.

• Protection from harsh weather and exterior noise.

• Fast installation without costly reforms.

• Easy handling and cleaning.

• High quality and high resistance product.

• Makes use of unused spaces.

• Reduces the maintenance of terraces.

See the view, not the frame